Work in Progress Gods are activish, Greek like, known to sleep with mortals, have children.

The Gods have names, but they are secret and give power over the deity to those who know them. The Gods are refered to by descriptive titles by their worshipers.

The Primal Forces are the major players; the most active and powerful of the deities. The Seasons are evident; the seasons come, in a cycle, year after year, yet it has been ages since the embodiment of a season walked the lands. Still, many people worship a Season and their divine power is evident.

No nature god; that’s split up

The Primal Forces

Father Storm

Mother Ocean, Our Lady the Sea—the prince of Porza is said to be a son of Mother Ocean

Brother Sun, the Lightbringer—Very much a lawful good deity. Not only is he the embodiment of the sun, but he is the patron of enlightenment and knowledge. Many arcane casters choose the Lightbringer as their patron.

Sister Night—A dual nature deity. On one hand, night bring relief from work, an end to the day’s labor. Night is a time for resting, for relaxation. On the other hand, night brings darkness, which cloaks deceit, attacks, and danger. Worshipers do their best to stay on Sister Night’s good side, and keep her malevolent nature far from them.

The Seasons

The Winter Queen

The Summer Queen

The Lady of Spring

The Autumn Princess


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