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There was a world, populated by wondrous beings. These beings forged a civilization and reached for power that would rival that of the gods themselves. Their fingertops brushed the power and it fell upon the world, bringing with it a great Cataclysm. The world shook, continents were shattered, oceans were drained or created, and the wondrous beings vanished. The world descended into a Dark Age that would last a millenium.

Many of the so-called lesser races took shelter on what became the islands of the Mare Tectum. There, they endured the Dark Age until they managed to rekindle the light of civilization once again. Now, their ships sail between the scattered islands of the Aslos Archipelago and search for new lands – and new peoples – across the trackless ocean.

Rough Geography

Work in Progress To the South of the Aslos Islands lies an area populated by the savage sahuagin, who swarmed over the ships of the early explorers and torn their crews apart. It did not take long for the people of the islands to stop sending ships in that direction.

Ships sent to the East and West found nothing or just failed to return, depending on how far they went. Again, after a while, the people stopped sending ships in those directions.

Ships sent to the North found the tip of a peninsula after a voyage of some time and distance (1000 miles or so over open ocean—a scary prospect for the Islanders!) The peninsula was rich with needed resources and few native peoples, and the Aslosians set up an outpost there and started to ship the resources back. About 80 to 100 years ago, a permanent settlement/shipping port was established and some of the Aslosians began to settle on the Peninsula. The area is still fairly rough and frontier-like, unlike the Islands, which are, all things considered, a pretty sophisticated and developed place. If you go too far North on Peninsula, you run into bad things that want to kill you … monsters and orcs and other horrible things. It’s likely that half-orcs are not native to the islands, but some as a result of contact between the Islanders and the orcs of the northern land mass. If you manage to push your way through the bad things and continue farther north on the land mass, you just don’t come back … it’s assumed that you get killed by tougher things. is the last bastion of civilization

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